• Barb Homer Received Professional Of the Year Award.

  • NEOPA Award Winners for 2014

    Marjorie Kostelnik, NEOPA Administrator of the Year (left) and Barbara Homer Office Professional of the Year (right)

  • Photo of cheerleaders

    NEOPA Fall Conference Social, 2014. Photo by Joan Wilkins

  • Graduation photo

    NEOPA Craft Projects, October 2014 Photo by Joan Wilkins

Member Benefits

NEOPA members work in educational offices such as a public school, a district office, a community and state colleges, an ESU, universities, a department of education, or administrative office such as NCSA. Benefits of membership include access to others' best practices, a network of dedicated and caring office professionals, and attendance at a fall workshop and spring conference. Join today! The 2015-2016 NEOPA membership form is now available.

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NEOPA -- 1964-2014
Still Going Strong

The Nebraska Educational Office Professionals Association (NEOPA) was founded in May of 1964. The association received affiliation with the National Association of Educational Office Professionals on July 20, 1964. Read More

NEOPA entering Phase 2 of Strategic Planning

Nebraska EOPA is starting Phase 2 of our strategic planning process and excited about creating a five-year plan to map our future direction. Like many organizations, NEOPA was experiencing a decrease in the number of members, as well as a decrease in members actively engaged in the association. Three years ago, we started the strategic planning by asking our members three questions: 1) How is NEOPA meeting your needs as a professional organization? 2) What benefits have you gained from your participation in NEOPA? and 3) What are you seeking that NEOPA is not currently providing, but could?

The responses from our members to the questions above directed everything we have done for the past three years. We developed a new purpose statement, logo, and slogan. Our purpose statement keeps our focus on providing professional development and support for our members.

We have also revised our Bylaws and streamlined our board structure. This coming year we will implement our new board structure and I’m excited to see the results! Two main reasons for the new board structure are to decrease the size of the board and break down our essential functions into smaller chunks. Members will now have the opportunity to volunteer for shorter term projects rather than commit to an entire year.

We recently met to assess what was accomplished during our first phase of strategic planning, what still needs to be done, and where we go from here. It was exciting to review all of our accomplishments and take a few minutes to pat ourselves on the back for a job well done! Then, we dug in and started mapping out the next five years. More planning meetings will be happening in the coming weeks.